His Name is Flamm


Holy moley, another character! Yes, his name is Flamm Vartagnan, and he is a flamingo and a bard. And my dream Dungeons and Dragons character! How in the world do you play a spoony flamingo bard?

…that is an excellent question. My thinking: GO FOR ANY CAKE IN SIGHT.



Yes, my worms have names! Ever played the game the Worms games by Team17? Then you’ll know where the worm names came from! Bacon is the young’un with big ol’ round eyes, and One-Fourth (yes, the fraction) is older and only slightly less mature.

And is that… a new character? M’yes! His name is B.H. for Big Horn, mostly because I couldn’t name him after ‘Bighorn Sheep’ for obvious reasons. He doesn’t roll like that – he’s actually quite honest for a mountain-dwelling sheep.

I’ve drawn these goofballs for years and years – I hope they make a good first impression!



This week, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type two. So while I have more downs than ups, this is pretty much the rollercoaster that is mah life. All aboard the mania and depression train!

A Worm A Day is my attempt to give myself a daily project and some stability while I learn to deal with this condition the right way. I’m not looking for consolation or anything – in fact, if I can help anyone going through something similar and put a smile on their face, then I’m happy.