Random Yet Awesome

I love art. Especially when I have no idea how I would ever design/draw/color them. I’ve put some of my work on DeviantArt, but it pales in comparison to some of my favorite online artists. I thought I’d share some of my favorites; they might seem like a random smattering, and they are. 😀

I urge you to check out each artist’s page and give them a like – if they’re anything like me, each piece of artwork is like putting your soul on a canvas. It’s always an awesome feeling to have people visit and give feedback.


I’ve actually been following Sandara’s work since I was in high school – I’m honestly not even sure how, since she didn’t have a DeviantArt at the time (at least, not that I know of). Her incredible use of color and texture has always amazed me.


Cinematic images with tight detail and wide-range atmospheric perspective blow my mind. And this is one artist that knows how to do both really, really well.


Ever wanted to know what a Pokémon would look like in the real world? This is the artist to search for. It amazes me how detailed each one is, and how each Pokémon has more connection to actual animals than you might think at first.


I’d love to hear of other excellent artists, whether on DeviantArt or professionals with websites of their own. Feel free to post some in the comments down below!



8 thoughts on “Random Yet Awesome

  1. I am just beginning digital art after having been a traditional artist for over 2 decades. I love the styles and effects that can be created digitally and it is something I would like to master one day. I would like to recommend Lois Van Baarle, also known as Loish. I love her colors, vibrancy, and character paintings. Thanks for posting this!

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