Quantum Plasma Rifle (“Mojave-Rust” Custom Paint Job for the Fallout Plasma Rifle Prop)

This is a project three years in the making, because I was too scared that my inexperience in paiting props would screw it up. I finally gathered my courage and rusted/battle-scarred this thing last night.

Presenting the Quantum Plasma Rifle with a “Mojave-Rusted” custom paint job. I think it turned out really well. Now to learn how to create a custom soundboard, save up the money to buy the parts, and slap a bunch of fun circuits on this thing.

See, the truth about the dead light… I didn’t do a good job with the wiring on the inside while changing out the LEDs. My one regret. But sometimes they flash on and off a bit, so I’ll say that’s part of the “age” of the gun. Can’t wait for next Halloween when my vault suit is finished.  😃