Reviving the Kanawha Nuka Cola Bottling Plant: A Fallout 76 Short Story

Forgot to post this when I made it!

I liked my Nuka-Cola Bottle Plant short story so much, I decided to try my hand at voice acting and narrated it on top of some gameplay from Fallout 76. I love listening to old radio shows, and the “holotape message” format is one of my favorite storytelling tools in video games. Also, I hope my “slight” southern drawl isn’t too terribly cringy to listen to.

If there’s anything that Bethesda knows how to do, it’s environmental storytelling, and I absolutely adore that aspect of playing Fallout. I wrote the short story before the Wastelander update came out in 2020, and I was thrilled to discover that the events of the update led you here, to the Nuka-Cola bottling plant. It’s in that rusty and delipidated factory that the player helps the overseer of Vault 76 create a vaccine for the Scorched plague, a monumental accomplishment that the Responders and all of the previous inhabitants of Appalachia failed to accomplish before it wiped them out.

But how come a pair of vault dwellers can just waltz right into the Nuka-Cola plant and start up the machines up without weeks and weeks of heavy maintenance? Well, maybe the Responders got to the factory first, just a few years ago!

Of course, in my story, all of the ingredients in the tanks are used up, so there’s no way it can be canon. Oh well. At least it was fun to create!