I can’t believe I haven’t jumped on this yet! I think I’m in love with the little worms floating in the corner more than anything. Hee hee!


Go Ahead and Cry Over Spilled Milk


And a new ice cream cone. But some things in life are hardly that simple. As I come to understand that the only people who really understand depression have gone through it already, I simply offer this to anyone who knows someone suffering: cry with them. You don’t have to understand to simply be there.

Last One, I Promise (Maybe)


I had no idea how large pteranodons were: the largest wingspan ever found was a little over twenty feet long. While probably not strong enough to carry a human passenger (at least not a full-grown man), pteranodons are amazing in design. The diversity of life on the earth through the eons is staggering.

I’m loving ARK: Survival Evolved (more like Childhood Sandbox Evolved). While I am certainly a wuss for playing single-player, it’s a fascinating experience to be the only man on an island full of dinosaurs… and then taming and naming them. My pteranodon is named Steve!

Also, interesting that pteranodons, while reptiles, are not dinosaurs. But they’re always included with them. Because they’re awesome.

If Chris Pratt Can Do It…


Well, there goes another of my secret childhood dreams, fulfilled by video games. Her name is Ridley, and she is awesome at taking down other raptors. But man, she was a right stroppy one to take down!

Sorry, just exercising my Steve Irwin, rest his great soul. I always wondered how he would have fared in a place like Jurassic Park. Probably a whole lot better than me!

Hey, Where’s Parry?


True fact: the name Parry (or Perry) is perfect for all duck-billed anythings. Except for Howard the Duck. He’s perfect just the way he… is… *shudder*

Also, don’t tell the kids, but right before I decided to draw Parry, my own Parry in ARK: Survival Evolved was devoured by a swarm of giant ants called titanomyrmas and giant dragonflies called meganeuras. They’re as annoying as their names are tricky to pronounce.

You will be avenged, Parry! I swear it!

His Name is Flamm


Holy moley, another character! Yes, his name is Flamm Vartagnan, and he is a flamingo and a bard. And my dream Dungeons and Dragons character! How in the world do you play a spoony flamingo bard?

…that is an excellent question. My thinking: GO FOR ANY CAKE IN SIGHT.