Ravager Design Process


I drew and painted this in my Color and Design class at BYU-Idaho in ’09.


I was thinking zergling meets a really angry crocodile. Also a grasshopper, but I think that’s where ‘zergling’ was already.

orig ravager

Today, I tried to bring him to life in watercolor instead of acrylic (even thought the scan is in grey scale, it was a light tan). But I realized the board I was using wasn’t made for watercolor, and started warping. Lest I lose the design, I inked it and scanned it into Photoshop instead.


So here he is so far. The teeth. The TEETH!! I will be working on him for a while to get him just right, I think. And the only difference between the two here is the adjustment of the horn. Amazing the depth change you can get with a five-degree rotation (the one below is better, in my humble opinion – leave a comment if you feel different, I’m always learning).

On a side note, I should illustrate a coloring book… from HELL.



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